TRaCK: Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge

Science and knowledge that governments, communities, industries for sustainable use of Australia's tropical rivers and estuaries

Research Themes

Knowledge integration and science delivery

Knowledge integration and science delivery

The aims of Project 1.4 were to improve our understanding of the functioning and management of tropical rivers and coasts by integrating the knowledge that is being developed across the TRaCK program.  To that end, we developed concepts, methods and tools that delivered such knowledge to a range of stakeholders, especially in support of natural resource management. Our approach to knowledge integration was based on a conceptual framework known as Catchment-to-Coast Management Strategy Evaluation. This framework recognises the various elements of an adaptive management approach, including (i) management decisions, (ii) management actions, (iii) our knowledge of the natural system, (iv) our capability for observation, (v) the assessment process and (vi) our ‘learning by doing’.


Project Leadership