TRaCK: Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge

Science and knowledge that governments, communities, industries for sustainable use of Australia's tropical rivers and estuaries

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Joe Morrison
Theme Leader
John Altman
Project Leader
Lorrae McArthur
Project Leader
Michael O'Donnell
Project Leader
Quentin Grafton
Project Leader

Indigenous Water Use

There are many impediments to the development of enterprises in riverine and coastal environments across northern Australia. These impediments range from the logistic and technical difficulties arising from tropicality and remoteness to communication with audiences that speak English as a second and sometimes third language. Researchers in Theme 6 are identifying sustainable and culturally appropriate uses of riverine and coastal resources, which offer opportunities for innovative enterprise development in remote and regional communities.


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2013 2.2 Key terms in water planning
2013 3.2 What Indigenous groups say about water reform
2013 1.1 What is water reform?
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2013 1.5 How are scientists involved in water reform?
2013 2.5 Including community views in planning
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